Suspect in pregnant woman's death surrenders

PHILADELPHIA - September 25, 2009 Duane Crump, 23, surrendered to police on Friday. He was wanted in the death of Kamilah El-Amin, 22. Her family said she was pregnant.

The incident happened around 2:10 a.m. on Saturday in South Philadelphia.

Police say El-Amin was leaving a bar with three of her friends when Crump drove by. According to investigators, there was a verbal confrontation between the women and Crump.

Then, police say, Crump drove directly toward the women at a high rate of speed, running over El-Amin. But, police say, he wasn't done yet.

"He went as far as to put the vehicle in reverse and reversed back over the female a second time," said Capt. James Clark of the Philadelphia Police.

Officials say Crump tried to flee the scene on foot, but they captured him around the corner.

El-Amin was taken to a local hospital while Crump was charged with aggravated assault and DUI. Crump posted bail.

On Monday, El-Amin died. Crump was in court on Thursday to face other charges, but he couldn't be arrested for El-Amin's death then because the District Attorney's office didn't sign the paperwork until later in the day.

El Amin's mother, Vernoica Rex says, for now, her thoughts remain focused on the her two grandchildren who will now live without a mother.

"I need to make sure justice is done," Rex said.

Rex says her daughter knew Crump and she believes she knows why her daughter was killed. However, she refused to elaborate.

"I know he is a career criminal, and I believe he just came home from prison," Rex said.

Police confirm he's well known to law enforcement.

So far they have no motive in the case, but they are exploring several leads including a prior shooting where El-Amin may have been the target.

El-Amin's mother says the outpouring of support in a poster dedicated to her daughter is helping to keep her strong and she'll remain composed until her daughter's killer is caught.

"It makes me feel good and keeping my heart warm and it's letting me know that justice is going to be done," Rex said.

Tuesday night, more than 100 family and friends held a vigil for Kamilah in Philadelphia's Point Breeze section.

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