Auction of massive toy collection in A.C.

VINELAND, N.J. (AP) - September 25, 2009 The largest collection of antique automotive toys in the world are being auctioned at Bertoia Auctions in Vineland, New Jersey.

Collectors from all over the world have come here for the two day auction. They are part of a collection belonging to Donald Kaufman who cofounded KB Toys. His family sold its share of the company in the 80's, but Kaufman never stopped acquiring antique toys. He has amassed 7,000.

The collection is so vast that its being handled in separate auctions. The first one last happened last March fetched $4.2-million.

The 78-year-old Kaufman, who wasn't present this afternoon, actually built a four story addition to his Massachusetts house to hold his collection of antique toys from pedal cars to ray guns and even a TV truck.

A cabinet housed some of the most expensive items as a steam powered fire engine could bring in $75,000. A Mickey and Minnie Mouse motorcycle made in 1939 could get $60,000.

They are not items to be toyed with as these are treasures to collectors. Toys made of tin and steel and cast iron from a bygone era. In fact, the only plastic here is used to make the purchase.

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