Endangered Ugandan gorillas join Facebook, MySpace

September 27, 2009 5:18:07 AM PDT
It seems like everyone's on Facebook or Twitter these days, including endangered mountain gorillas.

It's part of outreach effort by Uganda's Wildlife Authority. The officials are hoping that fans will befriend a gorilla on Facebook or MySpace or follow it on Twitter in return for a minimum $1 donation. The money will be used to help protect the gorillas and safeguard their habitats.

In return, friends will get regular updates about their chosen gorilla and receive the gorilla's picture on their home pages. They'll also be privy to gorilla trivia - such as the fact that the name is derived from the Greek word gorillai, which means "hairy women."

A Wildlife Authority spokeswoman says she hopes the program will give people who can't afford to travel to Uganda the chance to feel closer to the animals.