Four girls rescued from Schuylkill River

ROYERSFORD, Pa. - September 28, 2009 Authorities say the paddle-boat got into trouble around 2:30 p.m. on Monday in the vicinity of Arch and First Streets in Royersford.

The group included two 15-year-olds, a 13-year-old and a 12-year-old.

The four girls tell Action News they thought it was going to be a relaxing ride down the Schuylkill.

But, the clouds rolled in and the girls got nervous. Then, just a couple hundred yards from their destination, they got stuck.

"When we got to the rapids we couldn't turn, because it was really hard to," said Danielle Gervais. "We crashed into these logs and we couldn't move, and we were sideways. We were afraid to move because it would have tipped over."

As the current smashed into the small paddle boat, it began to take on water. The girls moved to one side, and Dana Kraft decided it was time to call 911. "I was the only one who wanted to," Kraft recalled. "So I did and they were freaking out. We heard the sirens and we started crying."

"We were panicking and we didn't really know what to do," said Erin Edwards. "It was a weird experience."

Marine units were launched to rescue the girls. They tied the boat to the bridge above, and the girls were brought to shore uninjured.

The girls, two sisters and two friends from the Spring Ford School District are now back home, safe and sound.

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