Witness: Driver tried to avoid jogger

WILLIAMSTOWN, N.J. - October 4, 2009 According to police, a jogger entered the lane of travel of a car on County Route 655, also known as Fries Mill Road.

Witnesses tell police, the driver tried to swerve to avoid hitting the jogger, but could not completely move out of the way.

The jogger was struck and thrown into the air. He traveled approximately 113 feet south from the point of impact, coming to rest on the northbound shoulder of the roadway.

A witness who was driving behind the striking vehicle explained that the he was traveling at approximately 45-50 miles per hour and keeping pace with that vehicle. The posted speed limit is 50 MPH.

Witnesses at the scene explained that the driver, 70-year-old Curtis Turner, attempted to make an evasive maneuver by steering his vehicle to the right. However, he was not able to avoid contact.

The victim has been identified as 38-year-old Alan D. Bachman. He died at around 10:30pm Saturday night at Cooper University Hospital.

At this time, there are no motor vehicle or criminal complaints pending.

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