Sendoff for soldier at daughter's school

WILLIAMSTOWN, N.J. - October 5, 2009

Gunnery Sgt. Larry Trimmer thought he was supposed to speak to his daughter's class. Somehow, 7-year-old Julianna was able to keep the secret of a big surprise send off celebration.

Sgt. Trimmer said, "I was supposed to speak to my daughter's class just about my job and what I do in the Marine Corps and ... this is more than I expected. This is fantastic."

There was singing, a Q & A session, many thanks, and of course cake and cookies.

"It's amazing for 6 and 7-year-olds, how well they did with this and understood - and they've really embraced the family," said teacher Karen Carino.

Janette Trimmer, Sgt. Trimmer's wife, admits it will be rough for her family to not see him until June of next year.

"Just knowing that he's going. He's going to miss a lot. We've been through this before, but now that [Julianna]'s older, she's going to realize he's not home. So, it's going to be harder this time," explained Janette.

Radix Elementary will definitely be keeping in touch with trimmer. They will be sending out care packages to Afghanistan throughout his deployment. Included in those packages will be progress that Julianna has been making in her first year in school.

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