Arrest in death of "Cuddles" the cat

CHESTER, Pa. - October 9, 2009 Rishawn Morrison, 19, was arrested earlier this week.

The 6-week-old kitten was found on October 3rd in Chester.

PHOTOS: Cuddles the cat

Police say an officer arrived to find 15 people standing around the kitten. As he approached, the crowd scattered, leaving the animal behind.

The officer then stopped two pedestrians, who admitted to being in the area when the kitten was abused. Both went on to say a man, known only to them as "Bean," was the man responsible. Bean, police say, is Morrison's alias.

Those pedestrians went on to say that they were in an alley when Morrison started throwing rocks at the kitten, then held it down and set it on fire.

Eventualy, one of those pedestrians was able to identify Morrison in a photo array.

The kitten burns over half its body. The kitten had been named /*Cuddles*/ by workers who were trying to save it.

"Cuddles" died the day after it was found.

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