Eight bottle bombs found at Mayfair school

MAYFAIR - October 13, 2009 Police were called to the the school, located at the intersection of Bleigh Avenue and Walker Street in the city's Mayfair section, around 10:15 a.m.

According to investigators, the eight bottle bombs were found by an assistant principal who was doing a walking inspection of the grounds.

Police and the bomb squad rushed to investigate, detonating one of the bottle bombs. They were made out of plastic soda bottles and filled with chemicals. Children were kept safe inside so none would be harmed.

Even as all this was happening many didn't notice. Meanwhile, parents want to know how the bottle bombs ended up on school grounds.

"Nobody called me. My daughter is in kindergarten here. Something like this scares me," said Jeaniene Bauer.

The school sent a letter home explaining what happened to parents. But some feel they should have been notified immediately.

"None of the parents knew anything. I'm scared for my son's safety," said Dorothy Miller.

There are surveillance cameras posted around the school and authorities are reviewing footage, thinking trespassers may have placed the bottles at the school overnight.

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