Volunteers embody message of "Raise Me Up"

PHILADLEPHIA - October 13, 2009 RELATED LINK: The "Raise Me Up" website
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They spend time with children who didn't always know what it is like to have an adult around who cares.

Many of the kids are foster children.

Now, the city's new "Raise Me Up" program is trying to encourage more people to do what these sorority sisters are doing: Give up a few hours of their time to foster kids, to make a difference that will last a lifetime.

"When you are involved in the youth, they know that there is someone there that loves them, that wants to see them grow, see how they're doing every week," said Candace Moses of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

"Adults really do care about them. They may not see that in their homes, so when we come out here they say "Oh, wow, there is a grown-up that will give them what they need," said Savannah Andrews of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

"Raise Me Up" is trying to dispel the notion that to become involved in a foster child, you need to become a foster parent.

Not so.

Tony Denkin spend a few hours a week doing web work at the National Adoption Center in Center City.

Her web production abilities help the agency further its cause of finding homes for children, who don't have one.

"I think they do a wonderful job, and that's the idea: Let people now about them," Denkin said.

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For more information, visit the "Raise Me Up" website.

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