Vandalism at police field house

NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA - October 15, 2009 Vandals broke into a field house for the Philadelphia Blue Flame overnight causing thousands of dollars worth of damage and they made it clear they did it because they hate the police.

"I came in this morning after I got the call to find…bleach poured on our uniforms, lighter fluid on our uniforms, everything just a mess. About $15.000 to $20,000 worth of damage, at least," Blue Fame team member Bill Beck said.

The place has been trashed.

The vandals left behind graffiti, much of it obscenity laced messages of hate for the police.

They got in by breaking a hole into the roof.

This is a big setback for the Blue Flame.

They were just getting set up for the 2010 season after a tough loss in last year's championship game with the New York police.

It's a fun outlet for police and firefighters, but it's also a serious charity.

"We're a nonprofit organization, we play for charities like the Eternal Flame and Survivor's Fund; we've raised over $155,000 over the last several years and donated it back to the charities," Beck said.

Now, the team itself has become a charity case.

The season is fast approaching and they're already behind in the game, scrambling to replace the damaged gear.

"This is all financed by people who support us, by volunteer money, time, and by the players," Beck said.

The vandals may have gotten some kicks out of it, but they've ticked off the wrong victims. Now, they've got the entire police force looking for them.

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