NJ Governor's race reaches final days

October 16, 2009 The incumbent Jon Corzine is facing two challengers.

Tax return information just came out about all 3 candidates.

Chris Christie and his wife earned over $440,000 last year and got a $6,000 federal refund.

Jon Corzine earned $55,000 as governor, but is independently wealthy from his Wall Street days.

He actually reported a $3 million loss.

Chris Daggett and his wife earned just over a quarter million dollars and paid $55,000 in federal taxes. With the race coming to a head, the rhetoric is heating up.

Democratic Governor Jon Corzine, Republican Chris Christie, and Independent Chris Daggett will spar tonight in their second televised debate as the race enters the final 18 days and the polls tighten.

Many political pundits had Independent Chris Daggett as the unlikely winner in the first debate and, with double digit showings in most polls and as high as 17 percent in another, Daggett is undeniably becoming a factor for Corzine and Christie to contend with for important votes.

"You know there's a concept of the wasted vote, the only wasted vote is a vote for politics as usual. People know the system is broken in New Jersey and everybody you talk to says it's broken," Daggett said.

But, with it a dead heat at the top between Corzine and Christie those two candidates are trading pre-debate shots.

Christie says the light at the end of the tunnel will stop Corzine.

"And the light at the end of the tunnel is the train being driven by New Jersey taxpayers to run him over and out of office, and that's what's going to happen on November 3," Christie said.

The incumbent Corzine says Christie lacks fresh ideas.

"Mr. Christie's campaign, he's been out there for 11 months without any serious proposal other than the same rehash of the kind of things we heard out of the Bush adminstration, cut taxes, cut spending, and we already cut spending," Corzine said.

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