No kidding! Memorable Phillies kids

PHILADELPHIA - October 21, 2009

One month ago, /*Steve Manforto*/ and his 3-year-old daughter Emily became a nationwide sensation.

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In a game against the Nationals, the Phillies' Jason Werth hit a foul ball into the upper deck. Steve caught it, handed it to Emily, and she threw the ball away! Despite his disappointment, Steve gave his little girl a big hug.

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With that foul ball, Emily found a favorite player in /*Jayson Werth*/ and became a Phillies fan for life.

Emily also loves her Phillie Phanatic doll. She is also a fan of Raul Ibanez.

Today, the family has a collection of collectible baseballs. The team brought a baseball into the stands in the very next inning.

"Emily got to meet Jayson Werth at our last Phillies game and he signed a special note to Emily," Steve said.

Meanwhile, one year since the Phillies World Series win and little /*Will Gregg*/ is getting sooo big. Remember Will and his hit YouTube video?

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It was the day of the World Series parade. Will's mom, Heather, took him out onto Broad Street and Will really got the crowd going with his favorite game.

Someone in the crowd captured cell phone video from across the street.

"For awhile, not a day went by that someone didn't say something about Will and the parade," Heather said. "Now that the Phillies are on the road to the World Series again, we're pretty excited to see what happens."

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Will is ready to be back on Broad Street to get the crowd going after another Phillies World Series Win.

"The Phillies are awesome!" Will said.

Go Phillies!

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