Day 9 of Occupy Protests

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - October 14, 2011

Today, they marched past the upscale shops on Walnut Street that caters to the well-to-do.

soundbite chanting

The Occupy Philadelphia movement is just over a week old and is showing no sign of running out of steam.

Police say their numbers are growing.

Once again they brought parts of Center City to a standstill as they marched through the streets chanting slogans.

Earlier in the afternoon, a gusty rainstorm tore through the tent city on Dilworth Plaza, but none of the protesters showed any sign of packing it in.

The rain helped wash away the traces of an ugly incident this morning.

Someone ran up to the Southwest corner of City Hall and splashed green paint on the entrance doors.

A cleaning crew managed to get most of it off with a power washer.

The police say the suspect is not part of the Occupy movement.

They say he was captured on video surveillance, and turns out to be well known to law enforcement.

One Philadelphia police officer said, "We believe it's the same male that was arrested a couple of days ago for breaking some windows in the area. We believe it's a homeless male that frequents the area. Many of the police officers....know the male."

Representatives of Occupy Philadelphia condemned the vandalism, even though participants have covered Dilworth Plaza with graffiti.

Robyn Mello, of Occupy Philadelphia said, "Philadelphia is a non-violent movement entirely. Some of us believe its violence and some freedom of expression....We are not advocating this..."

Late this afternoon, police caught the culprit green handed. He's a homeless man apparently upset that the protesters have taken over his turf at Dilworth Plaza.

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