Culling of deer herd in Lower Merion

November 16, 2009 8:47:25 PM PST
There's been mixed reaction from people in Lower Merion Township about the deer culling. Some call the deer overpopulated here and point to deer related car accidents and lyme disease, while others say the deer were here first and worry about the implications of an organized hunt.

Two-man teams of a sharpshooter and a spotter accompanied by an animal warden and the police will be posted in fixed locations for the cull. Police say they're targeting public and private property in areas no smaller than 5 acres to try and reduce the deer population in the area.

The USDA marksmen will have night vision goggles and noise suppressed rifles. Some animal rights groups are outraged saying these hunts not only jeopardize the safety of humans and animals but could have dangerous implications with a shift in wildlife population.

The cull runs through Thursday and the deer will be donated to a local food bank.