a site for swapping clothes

December 2, 2009

It's a dilemna we all have faced. But instead of just whining about a lack of new clothes, Reinhart did something. The result is a new clothes-swapping site called

"You go online and you tell us what you have that is in really good shape that you don't wear anymore," Reinhart explains.

"And you also tell us what kinds of things you like, your brands, your preferences, all those kinds of items. Then we make the matches. So, we play the shirt matchmaker. We tell you where to send your items and we have people send items to you. "

The site is free to join, but you do have to pay for the shipping envelopes that you'll use to send your items. The envelopes are usually three for $25... But your first three are half-price.

Right now, the site is only swapping men's and women's shirts. But they're expanding quickly.

"It's just shirts, but we're soon adding winter scarves for the holiday season," Reinhart explains.

"We're launching a kids' line, so kids is the real big moment for us. The kids will launch December 10th."

The clothing brands are divided into four tiers. So you can't send in a shirt from Kmart and get an Armani in return.

Membership in is limited.

But the first 50 Action News viewers who sign up and use the code 6ABC in the "Referral/Invitation Code" box will be allowed to join without going on the waiting list.

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