Mrs. Fixit:Coffee Filters

November 29, 2009

If you broke the cork on a bottle of wine, put a funnel over a pitcher or carafe and line it with a coffee filter. Then slowly pour in the wine.

The filter will catch those bits of cork so that they don't end up in your glass.

From hot dogs to pita pockets to tacos, hand held food can be messy.

Serve your sandwiches in coffee filters and it will absorb moisture and catch falling fillings.

They hold up better than napkins and paper towels and they absorb liquids where wax paper won't.

If you're trying to take pictures of glass items, or something else that may glare, hold a coffee filter over the flash when you take the picture. It will diffuse the light and cut that glare.

Looking for a great shoe shine, try coffee filters. They will spread on polish with ease and they'll also buff your shoes to a great shine without leaving any lint behind.

Great new uses for an everyday item. I hope these tips help you too. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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