Backstage with WWE: Survivor Series

November 21, 2009

Once again, went backstage as World Wrestling Entertainment came to town.

We were able to catch up with former ECW Champion and World Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy and former WWE Women's Champion and Diva's Champion Mickie James. Watch the interviews above.

The superstars and divas of WWE were in Philly for Smackdown and are gearing up for this Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view event. This will be the 23rd annual edition of the November spectacular.

Back when it first debuted, Survivor Series took place on Thanksgiving Day. The superstars would actually start the show by saying what they were thankful for.

As the years went on, the event moved from Thanksgiving Day to Thanksgiving Eve to any day in November, but still it is dubbed the WWE's Fall Classic.

Many memorable moments occurred in the 23 years of the Series (it's called Series for short, I just made that up).

At Survivor Series 1990, one of the most resourceful and awe-inspiring superstars to ever grace a wrestling ring debuted - the Undertaker. To show how dominant he has been since then, you only need to know he is in one of the main events in the 2009 version. Dominant.

At Survivor Series 1996, a man now known as Dwayne Johnson made his pro wrestling debut. At that time he was called Rocky Maivia, but would soon become one of the most popular sports entertainers in history when he became the Rock.

A year later at Series '97, one of the most infamous incidents in WWE history, and for that matter, pro wrestling history occurred. It is known as the Montreal Incident and that could be an entirely different article in of itself. So, to make a long story short, then WWE champion Bret Hart decided to sign with rival WCW. During his championship match with Shawn Michaels, WWE owner Vince McMahon came down to the ring and demanded the bell to ring ending the match and awarding the championship to Michaels. Michaels ran to the dressing room area with the belt as Hart spit on McMahon and tore apart the set. Needless to say, both parties had different sides to the story and have only recently begun reconciling with one another.

There have also been some questionable moments that made you wonder - what were they thinking? Including a giant turkey being hatched out of a giant egg and then dancing in the ring. Look it up.

Let's move on.

This year's edition will see the top two championships defended in triple threat matches and three traditional Survivor Series tag matches, that means there are two teams of five and the only way to win is for one team to eliminate each member of the opposing team. In others, each time strives to survive.

That is Survivor Series. It's on Sunday on pay-per-view.

Thanks for being Backstage with Brock!

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