Warning to women

November 23, 2009 "I felt violated. I felt taken advantage of."

Tyray Miller appears to collect women like trophies. He proudly displays them on his website, many of them naked and engaged in sex acts. Graphic descriptions and crude comments included. Whether they like it or not, they're out there for the world to see.

For years Miller has been quite the man about town, with a cable access show and a website chronicling his party life. He brings his camera to high profile society events. He invites women to party with him and often pays them.

And, the camera continues to roll back at his apartment after the party.

We've spoken with several of the women on his website and they now deeply regret ever meeting him.

They say he plied them with booze.

"We were encouraged to take shot after shot after shot."

"The night was very blurry to me. I don't remember a lot."

One woman is a doctor at a local hospital. Photos of her having sex were posted on Miller's website and then plastered all over the internet. She had him arrested, but later dropped the charges. She and Miller have now agreed to an out of court settlement.

But, the doctor and others have found out the hard way that, in this digital age, pictures are forever.

"Within a matter of moments, that picture, that video can be out there on the web, and it's out there forever," said Rob D'Ovidio, Ph.D., Criminal Justice Program at Drexel University. Others have taken Miller to court to try to get pictures taken off his website.

"She asked for them to be taken down and he refused to take them down. He's not allowed to post naked pictures of people without their permission and the judge agreed," said attorney Emmett Madden.

One woman says she felt used.

"It's calculated, it is. You are preyed upon. You really are."

Miller says the women all knew what they were getting into. That all but five of the 40 women on his website were paid to be photographed and all 40 knew the pictures could be published.

"There is no secret recording or anything like that. So, when someone is being videotaped by me, they know that they're doing it for a purpose."

Miller says the women on his website were all willing participants.

"When you go into a nightclub and you're producing a show. When you're around women and drinking and stuff like that, people get loose and they become very liberal. And all we were doing was simply documenting what was in front of us."

But some women who've encountered Miller say it's more than just party fun. Chauntay Cannon says he ruined her life.

"I would like for him to admit the wrong that he's done and ask God to forgive him."

Miller makes no excuses for his exploits. On his website, he acknowledges that some women have turned against him. But, he writes, "If you were a woman who has fooled the public because of your status or reputation and now supposedly, my website has shattered your life, I'm sorry. Well, not really. My website is my answer to that selfish question, what's in it for me?"

To make matters worse for some of the women on his website, Miller says he no longer controls it, that it's now licensed to someone else, a hard lesson for the women who've encountered Tyray Miller that should be a lesson for everyone. Beware of cameras, especially when you've been drinking.

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