2 arrested for abduction, assault of teen

TRENTON - November 28, 2009

Jamar Conover and Equalle Queen, both 19, were arrested early Saturday morning and charged with a list of felonies.

Police say Conover ordered the teen into a house on Sanford Street at gunpoint, where both suspects sexually assaulted her.

After the assault they allowed the girl to leave.

Officials say the teen walked to her aunt's house and relayed to her aunt what had happened, which prompted the aunt to call the police.

When officers arrived they spoke to the victim and after getting some preliminary information, the officers along with the victim drove on Sanford Street in an attempt to find any evidence or the suspects. While on Sanford Street the victim spotted and pointed both suspect to the police. The suspects were detained and arrested.

The girl was treated at a Trenton Hospital.

Anyone with any further information concerning this investigation is urged to contact Detective Quinton June at (609) 989-4140.

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