Woman killed in hit and run ID'd

ELKINS PARK, Pa. - November 30, 2009 85-year-old Frances Gordon had just left the library around 5:00 Monday night. She was crossing Church Road to go to her car when she was hit. The driver of a light colored van left her for dead in the middle of the road. The police are out there looking for him.

"I think it's in his best interest to come see us and talk to us about the accident," said Cheltenham Police Chief John Norris.

Gordon was a long time resident of Elkins Park and a frequent patron of the library. She lives about a mile away. She took a chance crossing the busy road when it was dark and raining.

Police say the driver of the van stopped briefly and then took off.

"The van stopped, the driver got out, he went and looked, he got back in, he took off and the two vehicles behind him took off, the third vehicle did stop. He is the witness for us."

Police are now hoping the drivers of those two cars will come forward. They might not even have seen Mrs. Gordon as she lay fatally wounded in the street.

Police were back at the scene taking measurements on Tuesday. They put up mobile signs appealing to other drivers who may have seen the accident. So far, they know the van was a newer model white or light gray work van with a ladder on top and tinted rear windows. The driver was a white man in his late 40's to 50-years-old, clean shaven with short hair.

The police didn't find any debris at the scene, but that doesn't mean the van involved doesn't have evidence of a collision. Police have stopped dozens of similar vans, but, so far, nothing. All they can do now is hope someone gives them the tip they need.

The Cheltenham Police Department is asking for help from the public with any information on the striking vehicle and the driver to contact the anonymous phone line at 215-885-1600 ext. 777.

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