Site identifies cheap, but good, items

December 11, 2009

But an online price search can be bewildering, with some units selling for as little as $60 and others for several hundred dollars.

That's where a new website, called, comes in.

"We don't think that cheap is a bad word," explains the site's founder Max Levitte.

He came up with the idea for the site when he was looking for an inexpensive vaccuum cleaner and could only find online quality reviews of expensive models.

"Consumers can't really afford much and we try to give them the best value for what they can afford," he explains. bloggers look at products' essential features and help users find the least expensive items that work.

For example, the GPS they recommend is a Garmin Nuvi, which costs less than $100.

"Unlike other GPS's it doesn't have certain other over-the-top features like an MP3 player or live traffic reporting," Levitte says. "But on the other hand, it does the job."

The site has listings for hundreds of different kinds of products. And the "Don't Bother" section on each page warns you against buying items that have been tested and don't do what they should.

There are also quick links to sites that are selling the cheap goods at the lowest prices.

To check out, click here.

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