Mrs. Fixit: Dress Up the Holidays

December 13, 2009

A white feather boa can make great holiday wreaths. Use u-pins to secure a boa to a foam wreath form. Top it off with a great glitzy bow and you've got a great holiday showpiece.

If you have a pretty broach or mismatched earrings, you can pin it to the center of the bow for a little extra glam.

If you have a small tree, use a little girl's dress or skirt as a tree skirt. Just put the trunk through the bodice and fold the top of the dress inside so all you can see is the skirting.

Decorate a small tree with jewelry. costume jewelry is perfect for hanging up on those bows. Clip-on earrings make a great touch as well.

Stuff a pretty handbag with newspaper to help keep its shape and fill the top with greens or flowers, small gifts or candy for a great decoration on a small table.

Just a few easy ideas to help you dress up your holidays. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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