"Christmas Story" stunt no myth for 2 kids

December 10, 2009

10-year-old Sam Nicholson, of Boise, Idaho, tried the stunt, and to his surprise and embarrassment, his tongue froze to the pole.

A woman driving by noticed Sam's predicament, and called the Boise fire department.

Captain Tom Tinsley used some warm water to get sam's tongue loose.

It didn't hurt when Sam pulled his tongue off, but later -

"It hurts badly when you try to swallow and stuff. Numbness, my tongue is really numb," said Sam.

Captain Tinsley said, "21 years on the department, and never seen it in real life.actually happen. But it happens - actually happens."

As if that's not enough, a teenaged girl in Spokane, Washington, did the same thing in 10-degree weather.

She was seen grasping his tongue, but laughing shortly after firefighters freed her from the pole.

Both She and Sam say they have learned their lesson.

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