Pet shop raid

OLNEY - December 14, 2009 The scene was the Sonny Black pet shop and supplies in the 5500 block of North 5th Street. authorities say first of all the place was not licensed to sell pets and second many of the pets that they were selling were sickly.

"We had received numerous complaints about the sale of sick dogs from this location uh we did purchase a dog from here earlier today that dog was not in good condition," said George Bengal of the SPCA.

But that's not all animal wardens and officials from the SPCA says they found inside they also found 5 Burmese pythons, an alligator, lizards all considered illegal in Philadelphia and not allowed to be possessed or sold by Sonny Black or anyone else.

"Everything was unsanitary there were animals kept in the backyard and it's just a mud pit back there and uh just not good conditions at all."

Upon further investigation authorities learned that Mr. Black is not really Mr. Black they say it's an alias that led them to another man which was also operating they say an illegal kennel right here in these garages in the 2000 block of Estach.

The man first started handing animals piece meal to animal wardens one by one then agreed to let them onto the property to get a firsthand look at the facility. They suspect this is where the pets from the pet store were being bred.

"We're seeing a lot more of these illegal pet shops uh this is the second one in a few months uh we've shut down and again there is big money in dogs and these people, especially around the holidays, just open these shops up."

The investigation is ongoing there is no word on how many charges the owner faces but we are told that they will include a number of animal cruelty charges.

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