Two churches burglarized at Christmas time

WARRINGTON, Pa. - December 17, 2009

Investigators believe the same people are behind burglaries at Saint Paul's United Methodist Church and Warrington Fellowship Church this week.

"My reaction was shock because it's Christmas and you don't do this at Christmas," said Kathryn Kilcoyne of St. Pauls United Methodist Church.

Pastor Bob Schuman at Warrington Fellowship walked in Monday morning to find the rear office door forced open.

The burglars ripped apart the safe but couldn't open it. However, they did find close to $300 for a fund to send underpriviledged children to summer camp.

"Really the only thing they took was for people in need and the community," said Pastor Schuman.

There was more destruction at Saint Paul's. The pastor showed Action News where the thieves broke through window and kicked down doors. Here too, nothing was stolen from the sanctuary and thieves were unsuccessful with the safe. But they did get away with $20 in petty cash, CDs, and a Staples credit card.

Kilcoyn remarked that, in the process of trying to help so many, you can become a target.

"So many people come through, they could be casing the joint and you don't know it until they steal from you," she said.

Police say these robbers could also be behind a home burglary, but that investigation continues.

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