Holiday burlgary spree in N.J.

MIDDLETOWN TWP., Pa. - December 22, 2009

Most of the break-ins occur during the work week when the property-owners are not supposed to be home. Still, it doesn't always work out that way.

"My neighbor... he said that somebody broke into his house," " and his daughter was home. His daughter came down and she must have surprised them. Then they ran off."

Investigators also say once these bandits zero in on a home, they know exactly how to gain quick entry and get away just as fast.

"We've had someone climb up on the second floor and cut in the screens and getting into the homes," "They've taken mostly jewelry and electronics and property."

Approximately 20 homes in this area have been broken into and robbed during the past 4 weeks. The bulk of those cases have occurred in the adjacent communities of Red Rose Gate and Forsythia Gate in Levittown, Bucks County.

So far, the bandits have made off with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, cash, electronics, even Christmas gifts from the homes they hit. Most of the neighbors Action News spoke with were unaware of the situation. They say they're as surprised as they are frightened.

"That's pretty scary," "Double lock my doors, and not leave them open... at all, actually."

"I'm surprised," "I'm really scared now and I will keep my eyes open for my neighbors and myself."

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