Snow covered sidewalks lead to fines

EAST FALLS - December 22, 2009 Inspectors were out fining violators Tuesday and it was not hard to find them.

The city gave residents extra time to get sidewalks cleared because of the magnitude of the storm, now, they're cracking down. But, are they applying a double standard?

The city requires residents to shovel a 30 inch wide path on their sidewalks within 6 hours of a snowstorm.

The city has handed out close to 800 of these tickets over the past two days. And they come with a hefty fine.

"Citations for $50 and it actually can be written everyday that it's not addressed. we give them that one time chance to address it and hope that they come in compliance thereafter," explained enforcement officer Christopher Fields.

Not even the elderly catch a break. Marjorie Murray paid $50 to have her walk shoveled in South Philadelphia.

But, right across the street, the sidewalk around a city recreational center remains snow covered.

"That really gripes me, it really does, everytime, that they fined me one time, it was $30 and across the street there's snow on the playground pavement."

Residents say it's not fair that they face fines while city property gets a free pass.

But, many also accept shoveling as their civic duty.

"What are you supposed to do it's the right thing."

And then again it might be easier to take if the city applied the same rules to itself.

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