Mrs. Fixit: Lampshades

December 27, 2009

Cut some brown paper bags so that they can lay flat and cut out any parts that have printing on them so that when your project is done there isn't any ink bleeding through.

First, spritz the bags with a little water so they're damp. Crumple the paper tightly into a ball and then open it back up, repeat until you've got some nice wrinkles and then smooth it out flat.

Tear pieces of the paper into smaller pieces that will fit onto your lampshade.

Spread decoupage glue over the paper with a foam brush and smooth the piece onto the shade. Decoupage glue is simply equal parts of white glue and water mixed together.

Brush glue on the top of the paper once it's in place. And repeat the process with the rest of the paper overlapping the pieces as you work.

Once you've covered the whole shade, use a utility knife to gently trim any raw edges. Then coat the whole piece one more time with decoupage glue and let it dry completely.

A high-end look at a low end cost, I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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