Co-worker saved by another's quick thinking

BERN TOWNSHIP, Pa. - December 28, 2009 "I blacked out and I'll tell you what I don't remember a thing."

But Mike did not simply pass out.

"I had a massive heart attack with 100% blockage unbeknownst to me at the time. Dwayne Miller who was just leaving was called to the scene."

Dwayne Miller is a fellow employee who is fully trained in CPR and was taught how to use the defibrillators stationed around the complex.

When Dwayne arrived on the scene Mike was unconscious and he was not breathing.

Dwayne started performing chest compressions, mouth-to-mouth, and a total of three shots from the defibrillator with the help of other employees.

Approximately 10 minutes later Mike started breathing once again.

"It's just a miracle the way things turned out, the way things happen, they're all my heroes there."

Mike was then taken to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery and has since fully recovered.

Seven weeks later he's back home now enjoying his second shot at life with his children and little granddaughter Elizabeth.

We spoke by phone with Dwayne Miller, who's vacationing in South Carolina this week. Dwayne says the best part of saving someone's life is making a life-long friend.

"We'd only known each other by name that was it. We never knew each other to work together and until that day there's now a new found friendship here and I think this one is going to last a lifetime now."

The surgeons who worked on Mike told him that if he hadn't received that medical attention right there at the scene he almost certainly would not have survived. Meantime marked 7 weeks to the day of the incident and Mark is marking this milestone by returning to his nightshift job at the plant Monday night.

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