Aunt gives little niece a special gift

HELLERTOWN, Pa. - December 29, 2009

"I donated the left lobe of my liver. It's roughly 30% of my whole liver," said Laura Mazur.

Kendra, of Hellertown, Pa., was born with an extremely rare condition called Biliary Atresia. Mazur said that means "Her liver didn't filter toxins correctly, she had a lot of toxins left in her body. It made her look very yellow and very jaundiced."

After unsuccessful surgery, Kendra's name was placed on a liver transplant waiting list. Months went by without a donor, and Kendra's health was quickly deteriorating.

That's when family members started getting tested, and the only perfect match for Kendra was her mom's sister, Laura.

When the 22-year-old was asked if she would be willing to undergo the surgery, her answer was an emphatic ''Yes.''

Both Kendra and her aunt underwent successful surgery at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia two weeks ago, and little Kendra went home on Monday night with a clean bill of health.

"I was amazed someone so young would be willing to take such a risk for her. But, she really loves her and we really appreciate what she's done," said Leslie Moyer, who is Kendra's mom and Laura's sister.

"Each of us has a purpose and a calling here, and I'm glad she'll have the rest of her life to figure out what her calling is here," Laura said.

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