Great Looks for under $100

January 20, 2010 5:08:57 AM PST
The current issue of All You Magazine has some great tips for updating your wardrobe for under $100 an outfit.

And Senior Style Editor Elizabeth Blake shared some of them with me for Saving with 6abc.

"We have a lot of metallics this season, and a lot of bright colors and florals," Blake said. "Those are trends that I think we're going to be seeing throughout the rest of 2010."

The outfit she showed us started with a neutral-colored cardigan ($19.99 from Aeropostale).

"It's a light weight, warm enough to keep you warm now, but also light enough that it wouldn't look in appropriate on a warm spring night," Blake said.

Underneath, the cardigan was a sheer red bow blouse. ($19.99 from Charlotte Russe). The tops were matched with a floral skirt ($11.99 from Kmart).

"The skirt is very versatile for a couple of reasons," Blake explained. "The floral is something that's always going to work, regardless of the season. It's always in style, and this particular skirt combines light colors with dark and that's great because, seasonally, you can play up the darker hues in the winter, the lighter hues come spring."

Blake also said that a few key accessories can update clothes you have and give them a whole new look.

The editors added a red flower pin ($10 from Bijoux Terner) to the cardigan to pull the outfit together.

Also on their must-have list...metallic loafers. Blake showed us a pair that cost just $14 at Target. And she suggested a woven brown belt ($19.99 at J.C. Penney).

"The woven brown belt is going to go with everything, and because it's woven, you can cinch it high at your waist, you can wear it low at your hips, so it's really going to help you re-invent old pieces," Blake said. "You're able to give new life to half your wardrobe that's already sitting in your closet."

Blake's final wardrobe must-have is a statement necklace ($8.80 from Forever 21).

"It dresses up a simple t-shirt, makes it something special, and it really takes even a simple black dress and makes it something that's deservng of being worn the evenings," she said.

More inexpensive outfits and accessories are featured in the current issue of All You, which is available by subscription and at Walmart stores.