Slipcovers can save money

February 3, 2010 4:04:58 AM PST
Getting tired of that tan sofa, even though it's still comfortable? Before you run out and buy something new, you might want to consider getting a slipcover.

"If you paid good money for your sofa, a slipcover is a really inexpensive way to change things up," explains Martini Gideos, owner of Martini's Mix in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Martini's Mix is a craft workshop and boutique. But Martini also makes slipcovers and does upholstery work.

And she says re-covering can be a big money-saver, especially if you have expensive, quality furniture, antiques, or hard-to-find pieces that fit perfectly in certain spots.

"There are some specific reasons for re-upholstering," Gideos says.

"The truth is, you can get a decent sofa for $500-$600, and it'll last you five to seven years, and then you get another sofa. But if we're talking about a sofa that cost $2200 at Ethan Allen, you're at a different price point, you're at a different quality point, as far as the insides of the sofa are concerned."

With a slip-cover, you can pick exactly the fabric you want. Martini can even changed the shape of the cushions, so it really looks like a whole new piece of furniture at a fraction of the price.

"And the slipcover is made in such a way that looking closely, you can tell it's a slipcover, but it's not a bag that you picked up at Macy's that fits all kind of pieces." Gideos explains of her custom-made work.

Plus, slipcovers are removable and washable -- which is great if you have kids or pets.

The cost of your slipcover depends on the fabric you chose and design details, like the number of cushions.

"A slipcover in a decent fabric is going to run you less than $1000 and you get to change your look completely," she says.

For more information about Martini's Mix, click here. It's located at 854 Asbury Avenue in Ocean City, New Jersey. The phone number is: (609) 675-0526.

If you're considering slipcovers, a great place to find designer fabric at low prices is Jomar. To see our story about Jomar stores, click here.