Simple Beauty Products Promise Professional Results

February 15, 2010 8:39:26 PM PST
Three women all have different beauty dilemmas. Karen Forte of Warminster, Pennsylvania said "my lashes were always just standard lashes." Michelle Hughes of Haddon Township said "My hands definitely look like I hate to say this but they're exactly like my mom's hands." "My lips especially my top lip is getting thinner," Jacque Lyons of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania said.

Jacque wants plumper lips. She's not ready for a cosmetic fix like Juverderm injections, so she's hoping Vivite will do the trick. It's costs $30 and is sold at local dermatologists. Dr. Norbertus Robben says Vivate works differently than other lip plumpers. "They tend to work through improvement of the blood flow of the lips by irritating the lips with pepper or cinnamin compounds," he said, adding that Vivite works to build the natural compoundssuch as collagen and hyaronic acid that make lips fuller and smoother. Users apply it three times a day for at least a month.

Jacque will try the product for 30 days.

Now to Karen Forte. She said her beauty dilemma is her eyelashes. Since having chemotherapy five years ago, she says her lashes are "fine and sparse would kind of sum it up and short."

Karen's hoping Neulash will help. It's a conditioning product that does not have side effects such as have been reported with prescription Latisse. NeuLash is applied nightly to the base of the eyelashes. It costs $30 and promises "fuller and more luxurious" lashes in 30 days.

Michelle Hughes said, her hands "look old, they look aged." She would like to get rid of dryness and tighten loose skin. So she's has agreed to try Skincerity. It costs about 125-dollars. At first try, Michelle said the product "feels good, it's real icy and cold, like refreshing."

Skincerity claims to repair, rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin over time with its "breathable masque" that users apply each evening.

Now it's time to check the results. We will start with Jacque and Vivite. "I see a big difference in the fullness in my top lip and i don't see any vertical lines." She said she feels her lips look fuller and younger since using Vivite. "It was a little bit surprising to me that it, it really did work as well as it did," she said.

Now back to Karen and Neulash. "I would say Ive seen a little bit more growth in the length of the lash but I was looking for perhaps a little more volume," Karen said after using Neulash for 30 days. It wasn't the dramatic difference Karen had been hoping for. But, she thinks with a little more time this product could work for her. "I still want to continue using it, and i hope to come back and say that its made a huge difference," she said.

As for Michelle, she's just 18 days in using Skincerity. At first she said, "It's a little difficult to remove in the morning, after washing my hands and then showering and there's some peeling. I'm not sure if it's the product or my skin."

The makers of Skincerity say the product is best removed using lotion. They also say results may be seen in just a few weeks but can also take 30 to 90 days to see a real difference. Michelle hasn't noticed her hands looking any younger yet but said they have stayed soft and hydrated. She will continue to use the product and Action News will check back in with her in a few more weeks.

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