The nose knows: allergy season is here

April 8, 2010 10:00:38 AM PDT
If you suffer from allergies you probably already know that allergy season is in full bloom.

Both outdoor mold and tree pollen are the main culprits with maple, birch, mulberry and oak trees are causing the biggest problems right now.

Unfortunately, relief may be weeks away.

Dr. Donald Dvorin, an allergist at the Asthma Center, is certified to measure the pollen and mold spore count. It's recorded daily from the center's roof in Philadelphia as well as in Cherry Hill.

He says, right now, we're hitting peak levels of pollen, and it will continue for another two to four weeks.

Allergy season as a whole can last six to eight weeks as different trees start to bloom and grass starts growing.

Due to the heavy snow and rain this winter, allergy season is predicted to be bad this year.

"The more wet you have and then the warmer weather that comes will actually promote more growth for the trees because they could open up very quickly," said Dr. Dvorin.

To prevent allergy symptoms:

1.) Avoid spending time outdoors in the morning.? Pollen counts are typically highest between 5 am to 11 am
2.) If you do spend time outside, change clothes when you get home.
3.) Keep your windows closed. (In your home and in your car.)
4.) Over-the-counter medications can help prevent and treat symptoms.? Most take a few hours to kick in though so plan ahead.??? If you do not get relief from OTC medications, set up an appointment with your family doctor or with an allergist.