Tools and more at men's consignment shop

May 21, 2010 9:59:01 AM PDT
On Saving with 6abc, we're reported on consignment shops with money-saving deals for women and children. But the Men's Exchange in West Chester, Pa., is just for guys.

"We found the male shopping gene," says explains owner Cy Callaghan.

The shop grew out of Callaghan's love of collecting "guy stuff."

"I like getting junk and going to yard sales and going to flea markets, and the name came to me just along the way," Callaghan says. "And I finally said to my wife, 'What can we do with this?' and she said, 'Why don't you try it?' "

Inside the small West Chester shop, guys can find deals like table saws for $80... And drill bits for $.50. There are golf balls four for a dollar and a pool table for $440.

And while you can get autographed baseballs, beer steins and electric guitars here, it's really the tools that are the biggest draw.

"We have a lot of contractors, a lot of guys, carpenters, they want to get the bargains," Callaghan says. "They want to get real good tools, American tools. We have woodworkers come in, they want to get a whole shop. And we get an old DeWalt or Sears Craftsman or something like that, a big machine, it sells.They just love to get their hands on it."

Callaghan splits the sale prices 50/50 with consigners on most items -- larger items, he'll pay a little more, smaller items a little less. If items don't sell for a while, they're discounted. Men's Exchange has a website. Here's the link.