Mrs. Fixit: Embellishing Window Shades

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May 18, 2010 6:18:38 AM PDT
Window shades, whether vinyl or roman they're pretty basic in form and function, but with a little embellishment you can make them into a statement piece for your home!

If you have vinyl shades, you need an embellishment that can roll up with the shade when it opens, look for some vinyl wall appliques to add great color and whimsy to an otherwise dull shade.

Lay your shade on a flat surface and then put the decals in place, use a credit card to smooth them out.

If you'd like to add some ribbon, use some fabric glue or some adhesive scrapbooking dots to stick it in place.

Fabric roman shades are easy to add fabric and ribbon embellishments to because for the most part you don't have to worry about the decoration interfering with the functionality of your shade.

If you're a nervous about gluing something to your shade and would like to live with your choices before you commit, use some small pins to adhere your embellishments.

This is a great way to test out some new looks in your rooms. Great embellishments for ho-hum shades! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!