Keith J. Richardson - Revenue Commissioner

May 21, 2010 2:33:46 PM PDT
Keith J. Richardson has been part of Mayor Michael Nutter's management team since February of 2008 as the City of Philadelphia's Revenue Commissioner. As Commissioner, Keith J. Richardson is responsible for the direction of the revenue-generating arm of the City, managing a department with a $39.5 million budget and 537 employees that annually collects $3.9 billion of revenue billed by the Tax and Water Revenue Bureaus. The Commissioner brings a wealth of talent to the City. He has successfully directed and managed for the State Department of Revenue, the Bureau of Compliance where he led the planning, development, coordination and evaluation of tax programs to ensure their compliance with the Commonwealth's legislation and policies. During his tenure there, the Commissioner increased revenue collections by 42% during fiscal year 2005-06. He was a key leader in the development of new legislation by which the State Department of Revenue has acquired highly effective new enforcement tools for wage garnishment and developed a clearance module to assist with all applicants for the PA Gaming Control Board. The Commissioner is a strategic thinker and developed strategic alliances and partnerships with multiple entities both inside and outside of State government.

The Commissioner has a background in matters of finance, having effectively managed financial matters in the private sector as well. His time with North Philadelphia Financial Partnership gave him broad knowledge of underwriting, portfolio management and internal controls, as well as community development.

The Commissioner has excellent credentials that enable his management skills. He graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh PA in 1988 with a BS in Business Administration. He enhanced his skills in this area by completing an MBA from Eastern University in 1999. He expanded his experience in academia by functioning as an Adjunct Professor with Eastern University and Rosemont College. He is also active with various civic and fraternal organizations.