Mrs. Fixit: Bump It

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June 4, 2010 2:19:08 AM PDT
You know that door stops will protect your walls, but what protects the doors, or the cabinets from dents and dings? Well, get some felt pads and clear bumpers and I'll show you how to protect those odd areas.

See how this door opens right into the side of the fridge? Eventully it's going to end up with dents from repeated openings.

Instead put a clear bumper on the side of the fridge to stop the door before it hits. doorstops will protect the wall but can leave marks on your doors. Find a felt pad that matches the finish of your door and stick it right to the door where it meets the stop.

If your doors and drawers hit too hard, put a couple of these door bumpers on the inside of the drawer and door fronts to keep them from slamming.

French doors with an astrical can hit together too hard, you can put some bumpers on the top and bottom of the astrical it will keep the door from marring itself when it closes.

These little bumpers are also great behind pictures to prevent your walls from marks from marring. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!