Lots of deals at Penn Moves Sale

June 4, 2010 9:11:02 AM PDT
The array of items that college students leave behind when they graduate or head home for the summer is nothing short of astounding.

"We have just about everything," explains Marie Witt of the University of Pennsylvania. "We go from refrigerators and laptops and printers, lamps and bedding and cabinets to clothing, shoes, childrens toys, Halloween costumes and all kinds of fun things."

At the University of Pennsylvania, the annual Penn Moves Sale turns the students' leftovers into a bargain-hunters paradise and a community fundraiser.

Last year's sale raised $30,000 that the United Way distributed to West Philadelphia charities.

Among the deals this year: microwaves for $15-$25, lamps for $8, dressers for $20 , along with rugs, luggage, pots and pans, dishes and other kitchen items.

"Everything is really very arffordable," Witt says. It's a cash-only sale, so that people can just come and really just take what they want."

Plus, there are the clothes. Tops, pants and sweaters all for less than $5, along with shoes, boots, and hats galore.

"We partnered with Goodwill this year," Witt explains. "And they helped us pre-sort the clothing and it's on racks this year so that people can easily get to them."

The sale will be held Saturday at the Class of '23 Ice Rink 3130 Walnut Street. From 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m., admission is $5. After that, it's free.

It's a good idea to bring a cart, if you're looking for larger items and wear cool, comfortable clothes. Again, the sale is cash-only.

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