Alleged con man arrested in Cherry Hill

June 20, 2010 6:37:10 PM PDT
Police finally caught up with accused con man Dexter Davis in Cherry Hill, New Jersey on Sunday.

Davis is accused of theft. Police believe it's part of a pattern and may date back several years in several states with several victims.

The victims are mostly teenagers and, in some cases, unsuspecting school administrators.

Philip Cataldi who was working for Davis, said he thought something wasn't right, and decided to research his name on the internet.

He found the exclusive WABC-TV stories about Davis' alleged past scams.

He then contacted police who were able to place Davis into custody at a Dunkin Donuts in Cherry Hill.

Just last month, Davis allegedly talked his way into Hoboken High School. He said he had jobs for some of the students.

They then raised money for a raffle that didn't exist. He allegedly took the cash and bolted.

Eyewitness News caught up with him a couple weeks ago at Manhattan's Star Career Academy, but he took off running. It's a vocational school and Dr. Davis' latest stop on tour of schools allegedly looking for unsuspecting students to con.

However, his scam didn't work at the Star Career Academy, because school official Ross Freidman did a little research.

"I did a search online found your story," Freidman said.

It was the story WABC-TV did in Hoboken last month and other articles about an alleged con man named Dr. Dexter Davis.

Authorities say he's a man with the fake business cards for a company that doesn't exist with promises for students that never pan out.

He ended up getting away from the WABC-TV news crew that day and police, but that all changed on Sunday.

Cherry Hill police took Davis into custody.

He will remain there until Hoboken Police can arrange to pick him up.