Mrs. Fixit: Shower Doors

August 8, 2010

First, for softening soap scum and hard water, grab some liquid fabric softener. Using warm water make a four to one water to fabric softener mixture - four parts water to one part softener. Then use the mixture to clean those doors and walls.

This mixture is going to help clean away all that residue and make the glass sparkle because it will make the water repel away from the glass for a crystal clear finish.

Now for day to day cleaning - how can you prevent any buildup in the first place? Forget all of the fancy pants cleaners, the best and most effective cleanser for keeping that glass looking great is full strength white vinegar.

Dip a washcloth or microfiber cloth in full strength white vinegar and use it to clean the glass after each shower, the vinegar cuts grease and soap and keeps that glass looking great every day!

Two simple items to keep your glass sparkling clean! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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