offers deals at Philadelphia merchants

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July 16, 2010 9:55:37 AM PDT
On a beautiful summer day, a cruise on the Delaware River sounds like a great idea. And now, a website is making daytrips like that cruise a great deal as well.

The site is

"We are a community shopping site that brings together shoppers with the very best deals from local merchants in the Philadelphia area," explains BuyWithMe's Cheryl Rosner.

Tom Kirwan's American Sailing Tours, offers maritime history, tropical and sunset cruises along the Delaware River on the schooner Summer Wind.

Usually, the cruises cost $35.00 or $40.00 a person. But BuyWithMe susbscribers were able to buy tickets at 50% off. And more than 330 people took advantage of the deal.

"We're a new business and looking for every way that we can get the word out," Kirwan says. "And this has been a terrific way to get people exposed to the business and learn about our boat that wouldn't otherwise known about us."

Unlike other sites that only give subscribers 24 hours to take advantage of the deals they receive emails about, BuyWithMe gives you a week to make your purchase.

"You get seven days to think about it, get together with your friends, form your community," Rosner says. "As we talk about with community buying, and then come back to and then you can buy the deal back there."

All the daily deals are at least 50% off, but discounts can go to nearly 70%. Recent offerings have included restaurants, salon services, and yoga classes.

And Saving with 6abc viewers can get 15% off their first purchase using the coupon code 6ABC when you subscribe.