ShopRite adds virtual coupons to Price Plus Club cards

August 6, 2010 10:54:19 AM PDT
ShopRite is the latest supermarket chain to go high-tech -- allowing shoppers to load virtual coupons onto their Price Plus Club cards, instead of clipping paper coupons from ads or printing them off the web.

"It can't get any easier than this," says Jeanette Pavini, household savings expert for ShopRite has partnered with to offer the virtual coupons.

Shoppers register their card number through either or and click on the coupons they want.

"You do have to register to get the savings, but they're not keeping the information and then bombarding you," Pavini says.

The virtual coupons stay on the card until they're used, or until they expire. You can print out a list of the coupons on your card at any time and use that to plan your shopping trip.

"A good strategy is you look and see, 'what do they have on special this week?' " Pavini suggests. "Go ahead and build your menu around that, and then find the coupons that match those items and your'e going to have a double savings."

According to, shoppers who use this strategy can save about $200 a month.

Jeanette and I picked out a few items to see how the virtual coupons worked.

And at the end of our checkout , we watched our total drop from $87.14 to $78.48, thanks to the virtual coupons.

"It's very exciting when you see at the end how much you've saved," Pavini says.

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