Injured soldier gets help cutting govt. red tape

NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA - July 26, 2010 "I was looking at the bullets hitting the ground and I was like man I'm getting shot at."

At only 21-years-old Colin Senavitis has seen it all; lucky to be alive and happy to be home after a near brush with death in Afghanistan last year.

"I just yelled cease fire because I didn't know if it was one of my guys or not, I didn't want to keep shooting just in case it was them."

But the bullets kept flying and the young soldier was right in their path.

"I'm like doc am I dead, am I gonna die or not, just let me know."

He was shot once in the ankle, shattering the bone, and twice in the hip, but luckily Colin was okay. News the only son gladly shared with his mother.

"I was just relieved you hear so many stories people losing their legs, I was just relieved he has his body parts," said Lynne Senavitis.

But the worst wasn't over. After successfully removing the shrapnel lodged in his ankle at Fort Campbell Colin was then told he'd have to wait a month for a specialist to remove the shrapnel in his hip, metal that was causing him grave pain and forcing him to take several medications.

"That's when I called Patrick Murphy's office," Lynne said.

"And she called me and she was desperate and it really ticked me off and we called and within 6 days he got the operation that gave him a lot of comfort," said Rep. Patrick Murphy.

Today the Senavitis family, grateful Colin can walk, got to thank the Congressman in person.

Although all is not perfect, Colin can no longer run, and can't stand in one place for too long all of this altering his future completely.

"I was going to do labor work, paint or something like that when I got out, if I got out. Now I can't do any of that, now I have to find a desk job," said Colin.

"If he could have a 90-pound rucksak and jump out of a helicopter, if he can go over 5 months without taking a shower, suffering through 120-degree heat he can do anything he puts his mind to," said Rep. Murphy.

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