Bucks Co. caterer goes under

SOUTHAMPTON, Pa. - July 26, 2010 The sign outside Arthur's Catering in Southampton promises to help make "dreams come true" but Lyndsay Nickel of Northeast Philadelphia says the place is the subject of her nightmares.

"I guess you can imagine I was so scared, I was shocked, I was scared, I was crying, I was angry, just a whole world of emotions that I don't think you're supposed to experience when you're planning a wedding," she said.

It was March of last year when Lyndsay contracted with Arthur's Catering for her wedding with fiancé, Michael. She'd already left deposits totally $3,500 when she received an alarming phone call from a friend who heard that Arthur's Catering by Colleen went broke and was closing its doors.

Lyndsay says she called the owner, Colleen Weiler Geiss, who told her the rumors were not true and there was nothing to be concerned about. A few days later a message was posted on the business's website saying Arthur's Catering by Colleen was closed for good effective immediately. And they've been unable to reach Colleen Geiss ever since.

"We're just average people and for her to just think that she can keep that money and not do anything for us, I could never imagine doing that to anyone."

But Lyndsay has a few good friends on her side, namely her employers, the law firm of Spector, Gadon and Rosen in Center City Philadelphia who took up the case pro-bono. But even with this kind of legal firepower behind her there's still a good chance that she will never see that $3500 again.

"And our continued efforts of trying to obtain that money back for Lyndsay and her fiancé, Mike, have been without success. But we'll pursue the legal remedies but really the focus presently is just that we would like this woman to be held accountable for what she's done," said Lisa Faden Esq.

"I'm just so concerned that there are other people out there that don't know that, that didn't get that call," said Lyndsay.

If you have been victimized by Arthur's Catering by Colleen, the attorneys at Spector, Gadon and Rosen are willing to offer some guidance, however it may not be pro bono. Call 215-241-8896.

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