"Aliens" take over West Norriton roads

WEST NORRITON, Pa. - July 28, 2010

South Whitehall Road has been invaded by little men who've become the answer to this community's problems.

Robert Moore just last week witnessed his work truck get side-swiped by a speeding car. And it's not the first time.

"We've had a car totaled out here, a Land Rover, the lady was from around the corner, too," Moore said.

Moore says he moved here 7 years ago under the impression the block he moved on was a 25 mile per hour road, but that hasn't been the case.

"It turns out, it's a 40-45 mph road," Moore said.

He says during rush hour people use the development as a cut through to avoid the lights on the main road.

They blow the stop signs on the side streets, then speed up to catch the light.

"The first two three years we were here, we counted up to 80 accidents where people were killed, people were flying up and going through the yellow light," Moore said.

Michelle Lebendig says her main concern is for her 3 and 5 year olds and the rest of the kids on the block.

"We are taking action on our street to do what we can to get the traffic to go slower because it's quite treacherous, especially when you're with children," Lebendig said.

So after a week of manning the neighborhood, have the little green guys been effective?

Lebendig thinks so and that makes the idea not so out of this world.

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