Star in your own Youvie

July 29, 2010

The Action Cam was not in Hollywood, but in Philadelphia, on the set of a "Youvie" starring 12-year-old Austin Samshick. His fulltime gig is attending junior high at Penn Charter, but for three days, shortly before his Bar Mitzvah, his job was to perform.

"It's a lot of work with changing into other outfits; it's a lot of work, but it's really fun," Austin said.

In his "Youvie," which premiered at Austin's Bar Mitzvah, he stars in a rap video along with his friends and family.

Austin's moment in the spotlight doesn't end there. Dave Williams, founder of Cinemacake and his team of producers shot and edited what they call a "Reveal." The inspiration? Austin's love for sports.

"A reveal is where something happening on the screen and it culminates at the Bar Mitzvah entering into the party, so the video itself then turns into him really coming in," Williams said.

The "Youvie" is not your average home video; it is what Williams refers to as a script to screen concept video and the conception process is very similar to a real Hollywood production.

"We meet with the client, have a content meeting that turns into a treatment and if the client likes the idea, the treatment turns into a script," Williams said.

"I'm shocked at how extreme it is or how truly detailed they are in what they are trying to achieve," Michael Samshick, Austin's father, said.

Forget the band or DJ, "Youvies" are emerging as the focus of entertainment for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and birthday parties. So what's the appeal?

"The desire has always been there to be in the movies to be a star, but now it's almost getting affordable to do a big looking production for not a whole lot of money," Williams said.

Well, that may be a bit misleading. The cost of "Youvie" may not rival a summer blockbuster, but it can set you back anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000. The latter is about where Austin's hit. But his father says it's worth it.

"It brings smiles to our faces and we actually feel a feeling of warmth and a moment of that can't be replaced," Michael said.

To see clips of Austin's finished Youvie, click here.

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