1 woman, 2 men wanted for West Chester armed robberies

BIRMINGHAM TWP., Pa. - July 30, 2010

The crime of choice right now, at least for two of the suspects, is armed robbery.

One incident happened on High Street last Sunday night around 10:30 p.m. where a woman was cornered by two men, with one carrying a gun.

"He approached me, almost in a happy way, smiling, and said, 'sorry, it's the wrong day for you,' basically, and pulled out a semi-automatic weapon," the victim told Action News Friday.

The West Chester University senior was in shock.

"I actually just dropped the purse and ran the opposite direction. I was pretty scared," the victim said.

They took $12 cash and her credit card. Almost immediately afterwards, the card was tested at a Birmingham Township Wawa.

A woman not seen during the robbery was captured on surveillance footage trying to use the stolen card. Her car can be seen in the surveillance footage.

But this wasn't their last stop.

They drove back into West Chester to North Wayne Street, this time targeting a man as he sat on the porch of his home, typing on his $600 laptop he had purchased earlier that day.

"Two people passed by and proceeded to grab me by the collar; they put a gun up to my face. They told me not to make a sound or else I'd be a goner," the Spanish-speaking man said via a translator.

Police want to find the woman seen in the surveillance video and the two armed robbers before they can strike again.

"Anyone who would commit these kinds of robberies is pretty brazen to do so right on the street, these are pretty busy streets," Sgt. Louis DeShullo of the West Chester Police Department said.

If you can identify the woman captured in the surveillance photos or have any information about the armed robberies, West Chester Police want to hear from you by calling 610-696-2700.

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