DEP worried about well contamination

PLUMSTEAD TWP., Pa. - August 2, 2010 The problem is located, so far, on Ann Drive just off Stump Road, near the Plumstead Municipal Building. But the problem could be considerable more widespread than that.

So what is going on in Plumstead Township? On June 29th there was an enormous warehouse fire that, at the time, there was concern about chemicals inside. But on Monday authorities say they were non-toxic food additives.

But Stephanie and Rob Bradley, who live nearby, say something in the runoff of the fire has contaminated their well water.

"I went to mix a bottle for my son and noticed that the water smelled and had a color tinge to it," said Stephanie.

The Bradley's say post-fire their water developed a putrid odor and turned yellowish. And what could be most unsettling is that the water foams.

The Bradley's say plants that are watered with the stuff, suffer.

Initially the response seemed tepid, some suggested that it was just the Bradley's well.

"I've had to be very persistent in my push for help," said Rob.

"Dancing around the fact that it may be connected to the fire they were saying we had guys testing and if it was an issue we would have known," said Stephanie.

But when trouble spread to neighboring houses an investigation kicked into high gear. There are no answers yet, as the test results are still pending.

The Bradley's say something from that fire flowed into a dark, uninviting stream and has made his well water undrinkable.

The health department hopes to have some results in about a week.

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