EXCLUSIVE: Child used to commit theft

August 2, 2010

He told the owner he would be waiting with his daughters while his wife got her nails done. Soon, his wife, another woman, and two girls enter the salon,

One girl, who can't be much older than 10 or 11-years-old, sits next to her father. They wait, and then the father seems to signal his daughter, she crouches down, goes behind the desk and opens the cabinet.

Then the woman in green sees a salon employee headed their way, she gets up to distract her. The girl grabs the purse, sits down and then puts it inside her own bag. A few seconds later the group leaves the salon.

"I think number one what does this teach the child to be taught by their parent to steal. What type of future will that child have," said Sgt. John Evans of Philadelphia police.

Sgt. John Evans calls the theft deplorable.

So far, police have no suspects or leads but they're hoping the video will provide the tip they need.

"Suffice to say I would say this is not the first time this has happened."

The owner of the salon would not go on camera but tells Action News, he may have seen the male suspect before, possibly casing the business. The brazen use of a child to commit the crime has neighboring business owners stunned.

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